218 pages, 7 3/8 x 9 1/8 in
ISBN: 9781954220188

Black Mixcellence:
A Comprehensive Guide To Black Mixology

by Tamika Hall with Colin Asare-Appiah

Bringing tasty drink recipes from some of the most renowned mixologists and stories of the historical impact of Black people in Mixology, Black Mixcellence is the go-to drink guide for any wine and spirits connoisseur.

Black Mixcellence: Black Excellence in Mixology is an ode to Black and Brown mixologists and their contributions to the spirits and mixology industry. There are many moments in the history of mixology that have been initiated by the talents of African American men and women. These moments have opened doors and laid the foundation for other brands and companies to flourish. This book will feature stories from some of the industry’s most notable trailblazers. Whether it was entrepreneurship, education or a “famous first, the featured mixologists have all contributed to the industry to make an impact in their own ways. This collective of mixologists and their signature cocktails represent areas from all around the world. Each bartender featured will be accompanied by their story which details their contribution to the industry, an anecdote about some of their most interesting bartending experiences and their custom craft cocktail recipes. There will be connections to important inventions and milestone moments by African Americans in the bartending industry weaved in between their stories.

Prodigy’s initial intent was to save lives, and here he’s doing it again. Commissary Kitchen is much more than a fun gift book; it’s an essential survival guide for these uncertain times. Rest In Peace, Prodigy.

  Tamika Hall is a mom, freelance writer & content strategy manager. She has created editorial content and marketing strategies for The Vitamin Shoppe, Mass Appeal, The Examiner, Mommynoire/MadameNoire, stupidDOPE.com, ICONIX, and Yellowbrick.co. She wrote branded content for a variety of brands including Bacardi, Maker’s Mark, PepsiCo, Anheusur-Busch, and Viniq. At Yellowbrick, she launched the program’s editorial blog site and co-created the curriculum for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Essentials online course with NYU’s Jonathan Tisch Center of Hospitality. She currently resides in NYC’s Lower East Side.
  Colin Asare-Appiah, has worked with numerous spirit brands, celebrity chefs, cocktail bars and industry experts across the globe. He starred in the “The Cocktail Kings” on the DISCOVERY Channel where he travelled around the world creating bespoke cocktails to reflect their destinations. In his current role, Colin oversees fostering brand advocacy for the Bacardi USA Brand Portfolio. His expertise and spirits knowledge has been featured in Imbibe, Complex, WSJ, TIME and Cocktail Lovers Magazine to name a few. Colin currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and sons.

Kathy Iandoli is a critically acclaimed journalist and author of God Save The Queens: The Essential History of Women In Hip-Hop (Dey Street Books / Harper Collins). Her work has appeared in publications such as Pitchfork, VICE, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and many others. She is also a professor of Music Business at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, New Jersey.



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