288 pages, 5.50 x 8.50 in
ISBN: 9781733304115

Gods & Gangsters 3
An Illuminati Novel


The stakes have never been higher. Everything they thought they knew was a lie. In every shadow, behind every deal, forces are at play. There are hidden manipulators working in the shadows. Their reach is long, their influence deadly. The gang find themselves in way over their heads, fighting for their lives against forces they cannot see. If these guys can get to the top of the musical chain, taking out icons to get at rights and riches, what chance do the gang have?

With no one they can trust-not law enforcement, not the mayor’s office, not the government, not the street boys on the corner moving dime bags, no colours count, no lives matter-this is only going to end one way. In body bags…

SLMN is a writing duo made up of two unique talents. In one life he has fought injustice wherever he has seen it, spending several years in developing nations helping those who couldn’t for whatever reason help themselves. He worked on projects to bring fresh water to areas without it, to provide sex and health education and secure vital aid in war torn regions. He has served on peace keeping forces, campaigned against the deployment of landmines and in the last decade devoted his life to ecological issues, most notably combating the illegal trade in endangered species. He has witnessed atrocities no man should ever see, and glimpsed the secret inner workings of the world run by the rich and powerful making him enemies of some of the most dangerous men in the world. Never once has he walked away from a fight. In another life SLMN has produced a number of movies and is both a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.

Scary conspiracy thriller...Clever.

Publishers Weekly

Frighteningly realistic...With fast-paced action....a fun and exciting read with a wide appeal perfect for fans of complex series heroes like Jack Reacher and Joe Ledger, with a dash of Dan Brown sensibility.


Does fiction get much darker ... Deliberate and creepy, this taps into genuine human traits like fear, greed, and stupidity.

Library Journal

Any readers who have been fans of Dan Brown's conspiracies will enjoy.

New York Journal of Books