118 pages, 9.13 x 7.38 in
ISBN: 9780997146233

He Who Rides a Tiger Must Never Dismount
A Survival Guide for The Zombie Apocalypse

by Marvis Johnson

The truth is that survival isn’t going to be as simple falling back to a ready-made shelter with your tins of store-bought food. Survival requires specific skills. These skills differ from environment to environment. Most survival guides focus on how you survive the wilderness – but happens before then? Those months where the world is descending but you are still trapped in the cities, stubbornly clinging to a life that will never be the same again? You’re going to need specialized knowledge and skill sets if you want to make it out alive.

He Who Rides a Tiger Must Never Dismount walks you through various city-based scenarios, including natural disasters, pandemic survival and more, detailing the skills you are going to need to draw upon to survive anywhere in the world. Survival demands a deeply comprehensive knowledge of terrain and weather, but city survival goes so much further than that.

He Who Rides a Tiger Must Never Dismount drills into you the importance of calmness and clear thinking in the face of disaster. The guide is filled with everything you need to survive, with each skill broken down so that it is easy to understand, giving even the most inexperienced prepper the best chance of accomplishing them.

Fundamentally, He Who Rides a Tiger Must Never Dismount is all about staying alive no matter how extreme the circumstances. Where other survival guides might teaching you how to find clean, drinkable water in the desert or deep woods, this survival guide teaches how to survive in a once thriving city as civilization falls apart, and those food truck deliveries have stopped and the supply chains have broken down.

He Who Rides a Tiger Must Never Dismount provides the weapons we need to ride the proverbial tiger into waragainst the very real zombies infesting our world. We must learn to think differently if we are going to survive, to become a different kind of warrior in this battle for the new world. There is only one truth: He Who Rides a Tiger Must Never Dismount.

Marvis Johnson is an entrepreneur, artist manager, director, and author. Formally trained in Film and Television Arts at Howard University’s School of Communications, Marvis earned his Bachelor’s Degree there before continuing his education at Showtime Networks under the tutelage of Jay Larkin and David Dinkins, Jr. Upon leaving Showtime Networks, Marvis made the leap into the competitive New York City film and music scene, where he gained the respect of some of the biggest talents in the respective industries, working with Grammy nominated musicians and award-winning filmmakers and A-list actors alike. He is based in Brooklyn, New York.