In Love With Spoons

by Patti Gabrel

“In Love With Spoons: A Spiritual Feast for Art Lovers and Food Enthusiasts” takes readers on a transformative journey through the realms of art, spirituality, and culinary delight. Patti Grabel, a talented artist and writer, serves as both our guide and muse, illuminating life’s deeper dimensions through the canvas of spoons. This remarkable book blends memoir, poetry, essays, drawings, and original photography to reveal how spoons, often underestimated, symbolize simplicity, completeness, and mindfulness. Grabel extends an invitation to a distinguished lineup of contributors, including luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Eric Ripert, Tovah Feldshuh, David Burke, David Burkta, Mark Forgione, and many more. They share their profound love of spoons, offering exclusive testimonials, cherished memories, and mouthwatering recipes, all crafted with a spoon’s touch. “In Love With Spoons” is a sensory feast, celebrating the everyday objects that connect us to our humanity.

Patti Grabel, an accomplished artist and writer, is renowned for her captivating exploration of spirituality, art, and the culinary world. Her creative journey spans various mediums, from painting, drawing, and photography to sculpture, culminating in her unique focus on spoons as both an artistic medium and a symbol of spiritual significance. In “In Love With Spoons: A Spiritual Feast for Art Lovers and Food Enthusiasts,” Grabel invites readers on a soul-stirring exploration of life’s deeper dimensions through the lens of art and nourishment.