118 pages, 9.13 x 7.38 in
ISBN: 9780997146233

Commisary Kitchen:
My Infamous Prison Cookbook

A Collection of Poems by Erica Peeples

By leaning into the grandeur of panoramic themes such as identity, faith and experience, Erica Peeples explores with sincere fervor and honest contemplation the nuances of what makes her exactly who she is, while leaving the door open to who she is destined to become. A meditation on self-love, religion, liberation, hope and the little moments that make up one’s story, “Living Proof” is a deeply personal glimpse into a poet who is yearning to live fully without missing clues from the universe that may lead to a greater understanding of self.

The mindful art of knowing and embracing one’s true voice is one that Peeples handles with care, inviting others into her process and her perspective through a collection that represents a new beginning. Erica Peeples’ “Living Proof” is a reflection of a moment locked in time that many can recognize in themselves and revisit throughout the multifaceted stages of life itself.

Erica Peeples is an actress, poet, DJ, producer and children’s acting coach who has dedicated her life to exploring her multifaceted passions across mediums. A proud Michigan native, she currently lives in Los Angeles and can be found both on screen, on stage and, now, on the bookshelves. This is her debut poetry collection.