Model Citizen

by Jeremy Meeks

From the streets to the runway, Jeremy Meeks quickly rose to fame through a modelesque mugshot that led to worldwide acclaim. In his harrowing autobiography, Meeks tells his personal story about his battles with gang violence, poverty, race, and the inevitable lifechanging moments that turned his world around.

Includes:  46 photos, featuring 24 full-page color modeling photos by celebrity photographer Jim Jordan

It all started with the mugshot seen ‘round the world. Jeremy Meeks rose to global fame, as his photograph from jail led to nicknames like Prison Bae and Hot Felon soon after. He became an icon while still behind bars, and once he left the prison system, he vowed never again to return. But there is much more to Meeks than a pretty face. From bouncing coast to coast in his childhood, to enduring a poverty-stricken and gang-tied adolescence that ultimately led to prison being his second home, Meeks has a story to tell. Model Citizen is the tale of how one man changed his entire world once that world saw his face. From humble beginnings to wealth, high fashion, and Hollywood, Meeks is a true success story. The new American Dream, finally realized.

Jeremy Meeks has unintentionally become a force within the modeling, acting, and fashion industries. Deriving from a past filled with humble beginnings and obstacles, Jeremy’s life experiences faced while growing up in Stockton, California have shaped him into the intriguing individual he is today. As a force within the entertainment industry, Jeremy is most proud of the fact that he has used his platform to become what many never thought to be possible, a successful, multi-platform brand. From rearing his children, acting full time, modeling designer pieces down runways, posing for magazine covers, acting as the face of campaigns, and now using his life experiences to advocate for change in others’ lives, Jeremy has developed himself into a cross-platform powerhouse full of hope and future developments to be on the lookout for. Always wanting to better himself, Jeremy showcased his true resilience and determination when he then booked six projects in 14 months. With a riveting on-screen performance in the thriller, Trigger, and co-starring in True to the Game 2 and Dutch, he is poised for Hollywood acclaim. More releases include his ground-breaking performances in Secret Society and the sequel Secret Society 2. As the consummate professional, Jeremy continues to sharpen and perfect his craft, expanding his horizons to play roles outside of his typecast characters.