Queen Nanny & The White Witch of Rosehall

by Bobby Spears Jr

Deep in the heart of Jamaica, the stories of ancient enemies have been the stuff of legends for centuries. Secrets are buried, and locals speak of bloodthirsty creatures and dark rituals lurking in the shadows. There are whispers of a woman warrior who is strong enough to fight the creatures that are looming over the island. And that’s just what they are: creatures, thirsty blood drinkers, brought over from the old country, with appetites that cannot be sated. But Queen Nanny knows what they are, and how to kill them. But how do you beat an enemy that possesses the power over life and death? “Queen Nanny & The White Witch of Rose Hall” brings to life an urban myth, complete with action and mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat with each page. With millions of people worldwide familiar with the legendary figures of Queen Nanny and the White Witch, this thrilling novel provides a fresh perspective on Jamaica’s rich cultural history, and is a must-read for horror and thriller enthusiasts.

“Queen Nanny & The White Witch of Rose Hall” brings to life the well-known legends of the fearless Queen Nanny and the infamous White Witch, two historical figures recognized globally. Bobby Spears Jr. masterfully blends history, horror, and mystery to create a spine-tingling read that transports readers to a world of danger and intrigue.

About the Legends: Queen Nanny was a real-life leader of the Jamaican Maroons, known for her exceptional military tactics and spiritual wisdom. She has become a symbol of strength throughout the Caribbean. The White Witch, on the other hand, is a more enigmatic figure, shrouded in mystery and superstition. Some say she was wealthy and murdered her husbands, while others believe she was a powerful sorceress who used dark magic. Either way, her story has captured the imaginations of people all over the world.

Bobby Spears, Jr. is a husband, father, and writer. His first book BEDLAM was critically acclaimed for his raw and honest look at the mental health industry. An Alumnus of Howard University, Spears attended Howard on an Annenberg Scholarship which was awarded in part due to an academic paper he wrote on the importance of changing the way minorities are viewed and view themselves in the media. After graduating in 1996 with a B.A. in TV/Film production, he chose to work in his family business, providing housing and attendant care to the mentally disabled. However, Spears never gave up on his desire to impact the world through media, so at the age of 43 he decided to focus on writing and TV/film production. He is supported and motivated to succeed by his wife Adrienne and two children, Zakhari and Zoie.